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Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle


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Steveston Sea Lion Safari

Sea Lions
Sea Lions
Sitting Bald Eagle
Sitting Bald Eagle

Take a Steveston Sea Lion Safari in April or May, when dozens of CALIFORNIA and STELLER SEA LIONS arrive to feast on spawning EULACHAN and HERRING runs! Nowhere in Vancouver are there as many noisy, entertaining and accessible marine mammals! On your 1 ½ hour Steveston Sea Lion Safari, you will see not only the SEA LIONS, but also nesting BALD EAGLES, playful HARBOUR SEALS, countless marine birds, and spectacular scenery!

Only available in April and May, the Steveston Sea Lion Safari is a special Spring Treat for Vancouver residents and visitors alike! This tour is also a great way for families to get out on the water together to view these spectacular wonders of nature!

Sea Lions Resting
Sea Lions Resting

Our EcoTours depart from the Marine Adventure Centre in Steveston at Imperial Landing, on the Boardwalk, South foot of English Avenue.

Your Steveston Sea Lion Safari includes a close look at historic vessels moored at Britannia Shipyards, fish boats returning with their catch, and Steveston's last working fish plant!

We then leave Steveston Harbour and travel approximately 8 kilometres (5 miles) down the Fraser River to the Sand Heads Light Station, where the Sea Lions congregate each Spring. The sights, sounds - and smells - of this natural wildlife event will amaze and delight you!

The Richmond News takes a Steveston Sea Lion Safari!

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Fraser River Discovery

Seagull watching the River Traffic

Explore the rich marine environment of the Fraser River Estuary! In the Spring, Summer and Fall, millions of salmon transit the waters of the Fraser River on the way to their spawning grounds. The marshes and tidal flats are home to many different shore and water birds. Thousands of migratory birds also stop in our tour area, as we are on the Pacific Flyway - a major North American migratory route.


Your Fraser River Discovery Tour includes a close look at historic vessels moored at Britannia Shipyards, fish boats returning with their catch, and Steveston's last working fish plant!

This Fraser River Discovery Tour also explores the intricate channels of the Fraser River Estuary, passes alongside the famous Reifel Bird Sanctuary, and lets you discover the quaint Ladner Houseboat Village - a touch of Europe, minutes from the Historic Fishing Village of Steveston! The Fraser River Discovery Tour is a minimum two hours. We can also stop at a cozy riverfront pub for refreshment, or a riverside cafe for lunch, on longer tours.


Take a moment to enjoy a Markerbuoy Fraser River Discovery Tour

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Book a tour to the Gulf Islands to view Mark's unique construction projects, as shown on his YouTube channel "Markerbuoy"!

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Gulf Islands Adventure

Valdes Island View

Our Gulf Islands Adventure discovers special places in B.C.'s Gulf Islands.

Remote coves and beaches await your exploration.

Fawn Lily

The unique ecosystem of the Strait of Georgia Lowlands in Southern Canada is one of the most ecologically at risk natural regions.

Steveston EcoTours offers the best access to these remote locations. With our 6 guest limit, you receive your Captain's personal attention.

Telegraph Harbour Marina
Telegraph Harbour Marina on Thetis Island

The Gulf Islands are a nature lover's paradise! Just 1 hour from Steveston, leave the City behind and discover a pristine marine and forest ecosystem. Steveston EcoTours travels intricate ocean passages, and explores refreshing island trails. There are also delightful waterfront cafes on our tour route that make perfect lunch stops!

If you prefer, choose a day at our Eco Lodge on Valdes Island. Explore our private beach, enjoy a guided walk on the Old Forest trails, picnic by the sea, or relax on our Eco Lodge deck! We invite you to bring your own favorite food and beverages, or we'd be pleased to make those arrangements for you! This is a very special experience you'll never forget!

Valdes Island - Gulf Islands


We often encounter these wonderful marine mammals en route to Gulf Islands or passing along the shores of Valdes Island.

Gulf Islands
Valdes Island - with Cabin in Background
If we learn they are in our area, we have the choice to alter our itinerary to view them in their natural habitat.
Abandon Tractor
Old Island Homestead Tractor

This tour crosses open water and is not recommended for very young children, pregnant women, and those with back problems or prone to motion sickness..Sea conditions can be rough and unpredictable.

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